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"Rick, Amie & Matt - This was my 3rd visit with you guys/gal. Big fun, love it all. Only two more grandsons to introduce to all this. It's gonna be a ride." -Bob Burrell

"One hell of a place with great people. Rick is a wonderful person and incredible guide.  Thanks!" Sam Joyner - Tulsa, OK

Final Check

Death Hollow

4 Day/3 Night Backpacking Base Camp - $1,350 Per Person Rates include your guides, camp manager, gear and food. Tax and Gratuities not included. **Minimum Rate Applies.

Backpacking in the 26,000 acre Box Death Hollow Wilderness is surreal. You will see vast expanses of white Navajo sandstone in shapes, dimensions and colors that confound the mind. From this stone masterpiece grows the most twisted ponderosa and pinion pine trees imaginable. The contrast is almost magical.

This beautiful slick rock paradise is crisscrossed with deep, seemingly bottomless canyons below. From virtually all directions canyons begin, converge and begin again. Its geology is best described as the world largest maze. Inside, the canyons are filled with thousands of beautiful pools that are surrounded by glowing Aspen, sweet Cliff Rose and a striated sandstone backdrop. It is a slick rock oasis.

The main drainage of Death Hollow sees many visitors. Our love of exploration and the unseen has revealed safe and efficient routes into the true gems of Death Hollow Wilderness Area. Far from the crowds of the main drainage, the only evidence of other humans you may see would be an ancient Native American artifact. It is our pleasure to share this area with just a handful of guests each year.

**Our Multi-Day trips are All Inclusive. We provide all camping equipment, including sleeping bags, pads, and tents. All food and snacks are provided and prepared by our staff. From the sunscreen to the daypacks and canyon gear we’ve got you covered!****

Death Hollow Backpacking Base Camp Information

• No prior rope experience necessary.
• This terrain requires a combination of hiking and some rappelling/rope work.
• Base camp is approximately 3 miles from vehicles or about 3-4 hours of hiking.
• Day packs for the canyons will only contain 2-3 liters of water, lunch and canyon gear.
• We provide all necessary camping equipment and canyoneering gear.
• We provide all meals and snacks.
• Tours begin at our shop (125 E. Main Street, Escalante) at 8:00AM and we generally return between 3:30PM-5:00PM on final day.
• The guides determine each day’s adventure the morning of the trip based on the weather. Safety First. • We take up to 8 guests on these backpacking trips. We can accommodate up to 9 guests on Private trips.
• There are 2 guides and 1 camp manager/cook on these trips.
• 4 Day/3 Night Minimum


• Ages 14+ years are welcome. Our average group’s age range is 30-60 years young.
• Guests must be comfortable hiking between 5-7 miles on uneven terrain/no trails.
• Guests must be comfortable carrying 30-35lb backpack to and from base camp.

                                                                          Ready to Rock!
        Death Hollow Descent

Death Hollow Descent

Death Hollow Descent

Death Hollow Descent


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