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 Rick's Daughter Casey
 "Thank you for a most awesome trip!
 Wasn't sure I could do it, but you 
 changed my mind!"  Allyson Reid

Going Big!

Canyoneering Tours
Escalante is home to some of the World’s most beautiful, technical slot canyons. We offer a variety of canyoneering tours into the region’s “off the beaten path” canyons. Using basic canyoneering techniques, the proper equipment and a sound outdoor philosophy we can safely explore and experience places of incredible beauty. Its’ a lot of team work and a real taste of extreme adventure!

This is high adventure and stunning scenery at its finest. Guests will smear down slot chutes, rappel over choke stone pour-offs, and swim through pothole obstacles. Yes, these excursions are for those who are relatively fit, have a sense of adventure and don’t mind getting a little wet. Yet, canyoneering is a sport where strength of mind wins out over bicep strength every time.

Click Link for details.                                      • No Experience Necessary!                                         • Ages 7+ years                                                         • All Gear and Lunch Included
Click link for details.                                                 • Prior Canyoneering Experience Required              •Ages 12+ Years Welcome
  • All Gear and Lunch Included                                                                                     
     Muddy Family Fun!

“The day began with trepidation, anxiety, and a huge bout of the fear factor. Having a day job that keeps me tethered to a desk and hunched over a computer means that the only exercise I get is moving my fingers on the key board. The thought that I’d be smearing down a canyon wall or doing a body bridge was remote to say the least. This is the most exhilarated I’ve felt in ages. To connect with nature and to have the expert guidance and inspiration from Rick and Matt are experiences I will never forget. This was an amazing, fun and safe adventure. Thank you!” Rodney Xeung
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Into the Light

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