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 Skill learning. 

Rappelling 101

Rappel on! 

Canyoneering Courses

3 Day Technical Course - $600 per student                     3 Day Advanced Course - $650 per student                    2 Day Private Course - $1,300 for 1-2 students               2 Day Skill Specific Course - $425 per student (ex: Pothole Escape, Anchors) Rates include your instructors, gear, lunch each day and coffee each morning. Tax and Gratuities not included.

Technical Canyoneering Course

Our "Technical Course" will be taught , by Rick Green, Certified ACGA (American Canyon Guides Association) Instructor. Guests will receive instruction in efficient wilderness travel, rappelling, basic rope work, as well as canyon down climbing techniques. The "Technical" classroom will take place in the canyons and on the rope. These are active classes and will require the application of new skills in the canyon environment. This will make the learning easy and lasting as well as get us out on the slick rock....which is a good thing.

General Topics Covered – Please Contact Us for full curriculum.
• Anchors, Knots, Rigging
• Rappelling, Down Climbing, Rope Management
• Map Reading, Route Finding, Weather Analysis

Advanced Canyoneering Course

Rick will also take the lead instructing our "Advanced Courses". Guests can anticipate long days in the canyons with practical training in "keeper pothole" escapes, safe natural anchors, extended rappels (up to 300 ft.) and other advanced canyon "problems". Canyon leadership roles, spotting and risk assessment are just a few of the many other valuable topics covered in the course. If you have completed the Technical Course and are proficient with those skills, then you are ready take the Advanced Course.

General Topics Covered – Please Contact Us for full curriculum.
• Advanced Anchors, Rigging and Haul Systems
• Pothole Escapes, Self Rescue, and Risk Assessment

Private Courses

Many folks prefer the one-on-one instruction and personal tailoring of our Private Courses to the larger classrooms of our public Technical and Advanced Courses. In addition to being able to tailor the course to students’ specific needs and interests, for groups of 1-2 students, we are able to teach the Technical and/or Advanced curriculums within two days rather than three. This makes it easier for folks who have limited time. Have a larger group? We are happy to accommodate larger Private Course crews too!

Skill Specific Courses

Throughout the year we offer Courses with focus on specific key skills. These courses are for experienced canyoneers looking to expand their knowledge base. Pothole Escapes and Advanced Anchors are skill sets which could have entire books written on them and for experienced canyoneers, there can never be enough tricks and tools for the trade.

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Bridging 101


Bridging 101



The Power of Knowlege!    

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