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Death Hollow Home

Death Hollow Descent

Death Hollow Descent

“What a wonderful day! Thank you so much for showing us the amazing world of Slot Canyons. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves” Joy & Martin Smith – Willshire, England

Slot Canyon Hiking Tour
“explore some”

$165 per person per day** Includes your guide, gear and lunch.  Coffee/tea in the morning and ice cream upon return.
Tax and Gratuities not included.
**$500 Minimum Day Rate applies if not joining an already scheduled tour.

On these excursions you can expect to learn some canyon hiking techniques, slide on your bottom, maybe get a little wet and see sights you never imagined. “Heel locks”, “butt slide” and “smear” will become a part of your vocabulary for the day. These hikes are a lot of fun and might remind you of a day at the playground when you were a kid. The strong traveler will do well on this excursion, but the mature and wise explorer might do better! Don’t forget your play clothes!

Slot Canyon Hiking Information

No prior hiking experience necessary.
• On these tours, our average group’s age range is 65-75 years young.
• We provide all necessary gear (including backpacks and water bottles), lunch, coffee in the morning and ice cream in the afternoon.
• Tours begin at our shop (125 E. Main Street, Escalante) at 7am/7:30am (TBA) and we generally return between 2:30PM-4:30PM depending on group size and canyon selected.
• The guides determine each day’s canyon the morning of the trip based on the weather and group. Safety First.
• The canyons we guide are within a 20-40 minute drive from our main street shop.
• We take up to 8 guests on the hiking tours. (We can accommodate up to 10 guests on Private Tours).
• We specialize in guiding off the beaten path locations. We do not guide Spooky, Peekaboo, Tunnel, Zebra, Bighorn etc.


• Guests must be comfortable hiking between 3-4 miles on uneven terrain/no trails.
• Each guest must be able to carry a small backpack (approx. 10lbs) containing 2-3 liters of water, lunch, helmet and personal items.                                                                           

“Thanks Rick! The experience you provided for us was more than we expected and based on your reputation we expected a lot. Thanks for leading, teaching, coaching and encouraging! You, along with Amie are The Best!” Greg & Carol

Ready to Rock!
        Death Hollow Descent

Death Hollow Descent

Death Hollow Descent

“What a wonderful day in the slots with an awesome guide and group! Looking forward already to our next trip! Thank You!” Andrea and Nate


125 East Main Street
P.O. Box 207
Escalante, UT, 84726



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