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Nice Color!

              Outdoor Utah's
          Hiking & Backpacking
       2005 "Guide of the Year"

Glen Canyon Canyoneering!

   Totally Amazing!!!  What a great way
   to spend my birthday!!!
   Thank you Rick & Amie. 
   See you soon!  Matt Coleman


Rope Ready! 


Day Tour Scheduling****

Canyoneering and Hiking Tours depart daily March 15th - November 15th
**Contact Us with the date or dates you have in mind and we will do our best to get you on the schedule!  Reservations are highly recommended.


2014 Multi-Day/Overnight & Course Schedule

March 22nd-23rd 2 Day Introductory Canyoneering Course
May 17th-18th 2 Day Pothole Escape Course
August 16th-17th 2 Day Pothole Escape Course
August 21st-24th 4 Day/3 Night Backpacking Base Camp
September 18th – 21st  4 Day/3 Night Canyoneering Safari
September 26th-29th 4 Day/3 Night Canyoneering Safari
October 4th-7th 5 Day/4 Night Canyoneering Safari
October 15th-18th 4 Day/3 Night Canyoneering Safari

Multi-Day Trips 

Four to Eight guests per Excursion.
Rates are posted on each of the corresponding pages.  Minimum Day Rate will apply.  

Welcome to our 2014 overnight schedule. This year, we are offering 5 overnight canyoneering tours into Utah’s most pristine and beautiful backcountry.
Glen Canyon and Grand Staircase trips will be in the early Spring and late Fall,
to take advantage of the warm temperatures, desert flowers and lonely canyons. On the Summer excursions, we will head up to Death Hollow and enjoy cooler temps, plentiful water and endless exploring opportunities. We are happy to schedule a Kaiparowits trip for anyone who feels like "donating a little skin” to enjoy America’s most remote and undisturbed plateau. Vehicle and backpacking basecamps will be fully stocked with good food, comfortable and warm accommodations and a view you will never forget!

Please visit the Glen Canyon, Death Hollow and Kaiparowits pages to get a
basic understanding of what these different excursions offer. Then you can
call us at 1-800-U-EXPLORE(839-7567) or send us an email at We are glad to answer any questions
that might be helpful in choosing and planning your Escalante adventure.

***This schedule is based on a minimum group size of Four guests and a
Maximum group size of Eight guests.
We can accomodate Private Groups with up to Nine guests.
Please inquire for availability.

***Want a trip to be longer? If you have a group of 4 or more and are the
first to inquire about the trip, we will certainly do our best to
accomodate your request.

***If you have other dates in mind, we are happy to schedule another
trip for groups of 4 or more.

 Canyoneering Courses

Excursions of Escalante is proud to collaborate with the
American Canyoneering Academy (ACA) in offering basic and
advanced canyoneering courses.

***This schedule is based on a minimum of 4 students and a maximum of 10 students.

***Private instruction is available.  Please contact us for information. 



Enter here 
Glen Canyon
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Enjoying the View in Death Hollow
Death Hollow
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Kaiparowits Granery and Door
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Excellent! Excellent! Excellent!
This will be an adventure that
we will always remember!
The weather was beautiful
and the canyons incredible!
We have never experienced
anything like this before!
Thank You Rick for your
patience with some East Coast
Flatlanders- We learned so
much!  Thank you!
Scott, Janet & Lindsay Nier

Sister Trip

Future Guide

Joette Marie, Owner - Slot Canyons Inn


Escalante Sidewalk    

   An awesome experience -
   Lived up to what I imagined
   and much more. 
   Rick provided an amazing
   adventure - I always felt 
   very safe and learned so
   much.  I will be back for
   more!  What an amazing
   landscape to enjoy with
   great company and a truly
   profesional guiding service.
   Would recommend this to 
   all with an adventuresome
   Terri & Pete Stouffer

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