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Please Inquire for Rates.  Day rate minimum applies.
Includes your guide, gear and lunch, coffee/tea in the morning and ice cream upon return.
Tax and Gratuities not included.

On many of our excursions, photography plays a meaningful but relatively small role.  However, on some tours photography is the entire focus of our trip. We take all our gear and guiding skills to get our guests into the right place, camera ready, and distractions vanished.

The varying and pristine qualities of the region have created an outdoor photographer’s paradise.  Capture the brilliantly blooming cactus in Spring, or the golden glow of a giant Aspen tree in the Fall.  The sun paints daily on a sandstone mosaic as colorful as is anywhere on Earth.  Why not spend the day catching the show? And speaking of sandstone, if you want to take your shot at some colorful and sinuous slot canyons, Escalante is home to some of the World’s most beautiful.  Bring your tripod and a little patience.  We’ll hang out until the light is right and get the elusive, great slot shot.

Whatever your shutter dreams, our attention to detail will allow you to focus and explore your craft in a whole new light.
Escalante Utah Photo Safari

Awesome adventure! We would go anywhere in this beautiful country with you again in a heartbeat!  Your love for the canyons, guiding, exploring archeoligical sites and life is truly contagious!  Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us and for your endless generosity.  We will recommend you to anyone we know who wants to explore this amazing country and hope to come back for another adventure in future years. We?re lucky to have made a good friend too. You are always welcome in PA.
Many Thanks,
Joni & Joe

Guide Service Photography

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