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Death Hollow Home

 How do you put an experience like that
 into words? There are not enough
 words or ways to describe the scenery,
 company, experience, enormity of this
 place. Definitely will be back!
 Thank You!  Thea Pirmann

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Multi-Day Trips -

Backpacking in the Escalante region is a backcountry experience unsurpassed in the West if not in the world. From backpacking base camps we are safe, warm and free to explore the deepest secrets of remote, pristine and beautiful environments. If you are familiar with the expression “go where no man has gone before”, our Death Hollow, Glen Canyon or Kaiparowits backpacking trips will leave you feeling this way.

The trail-less nature of these areas allows us to explore by sight, geologic features, or inspiration, and not by the footprints of those before us. Explore side canyons, pitch our tent on top of a sandstone butte…whatever we like. The land sets the pace when backpacking. Sleep in, eat well, move slowly, stay safe and take time to smell the roses!

We guide the day hiker who is ready to take the next step to backpacking, but needs a little help with the experience. We also guide the seasoned backpacker whose only need is to be shown the hidden secrets of these vast wilderness playgrounds. No matter what your skill level, we have the trip to keep you safe, comfortable and well fed. All the while hiking and living in landscapes of humbling proportions and blinding beauty.

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        Death Hollow Descent

Ready to Rock!   Go Charles....Go Charles!

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