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Navajo Mountain

 For my 3rd guided canyoneering trip,
 it was the best!  I am becoming 
 confident in climbing and rappelling and
 look forward to much more!  Thanks
 Rick for helping me feel like a real
 canyoneer!  Great instruction in a most
 beautiful place.  Thanks!  Deana Briggs

Tazmanian Devils
Glen Canyon Multi-Day Trips-

Backpacking Canyoneering - $295 per person per day.
Canyoneering Safari - Rates vary. 
**Please inquire about a specific trip.
**All Rates include your guides, camp manager, gear and food.
**Tax and Gratuities not included.

Excursions of Escalante is happy to announce the addition of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area to it’s list of Southern Utah backcountry permits. This new canyoneering permit has helped tie together some of the beautiful country we already guide in and opens up several new adventure possibilities for our guests.

In true Excursions style, we have researched and selected what we believe is the most unique, challenging and remote areas found within Glen Canyon. Seemingly endless expanses of Navajo sandstone and slot canyons of infinite beauty and challenge await our guests. Couple this with our love of exploring and guiding remote places and what you have is a truly World class permit!

Because of the extremely remote location of the Glen Canyon excursions, they will be experienced as vehicle supported or backpacking overnight trips. Both will be fully stocked with great food, warm-comfortable accommodations and scenery that defies words. Don’t forget your camera or sense of adventure out here! 

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Glen Canyon Here We Come!

Rick & Amie, putting your life and the life of your only
child in someone's hands- And having no worries or 
fears is an incredible thing in today's world.  Rick, you
have enabled us to go places of such beauty and 
tranquility.  You have given us the ability to find inner
strength and balance!  "It's all good"   Linda Zuaro


         Outdoor Utah's Hiking and Backpacking
                    "2005 Guide of the Year"

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