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Gear Considerations-

Here is a list of the few basic items that you will want to bring on your excursion with us. Most of the items you will probably already have, if not, we have plenty to loan, just ask!

Wear your “Play” Clothes: You should wear clothes that will not rip or tear easily, allow flexibility and make sure you’re not too “attached” to them (they will get dirty). In early Spring and Fall- light fleece, sweats, maybe shorts. In Summer, long or short sleeve T shirts, shorts, and a loose fitting hat. Light colors are much cooler and long sleeves protect the skin from abrasion. Rain jackets are nice too.

Good Footwear: Soft soled, comfortable, “medium” hiking shoes seem to work best. Shoes must enclose the foot all the way around (no water shoes). Some guests prefer high tops, some prefer low. Low does provide more foot angulations, but ankle support of is lessened. Big boots get real heavy when wet and muddy. Light white socks are best. Leave the heavy wool hiking socks at home. Whatever you put on your feet, they will likely become quite dirty and permanently red.

Travel Light: Unnecessary gear is a hindrance to our the guests, let the guides do the work. Water, food, medications and a “little” extra clothing in your pack is fine. Much beyond that you should ask. Your guide(s) have and extensive 1st aid kits, ropes, webbing, and all the equipment necessary to keep the group safe and comfortable. Consolidate gear when possible.

Hiking “Gear”: We supply all gear! Our canyoneering packs are designed to withstand the merciless sandstone canyon walls and rigid water bottles are provided to protect this precious resource. Helmets, harnesses and gloves are included too. Lunch is packed inside a sturdy container to keep you from smashing it flat. If there are water crossings, waterproof bags are provided. Sunglasses and Sunscreen: Apply a good coat of sunscreen before departing the Café. We are over a mile high in elevation and the sun is strong here. Sunglasses that have good UV protection are worth the money too. They may get some scuffs out there, so consider bringing a good but not great pair. Who wants all those wrinkles anyway? Sunglass “chums” or “croakies” are excellent.

No Big Deal: If you’re in Nike running shoes and cut off Levi’s that’s great. Having comfortable clothing that works for you is what’s important. Remember, “play clothes” are the canyon fashion.

Camera: Make sure you bring a protective case for your camera. There is sand and water in the canyons. 

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